• Personalize every customer journey

    • In product recommendations, triggered notifications, timely newsletters, in-store promotions - in real time.

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    • There are a lot of signals in the noise. Utilize your Rich Data in real time to increase sales.

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  • Sannsyn’s platform provides state of the art recommendations and enables 360-degree customer view

  • Simple integration allows pluggable input flows and a simple rest-interface allows for injecting the exact type of recommendations your system needs. All recommendations are done in realtime. Updates in realtime or queued to be handled whenever there is an idle moment.

  • Our integration allows plug-and-play data inflow and an easy to use REST-interface allows for precise output of personalized recommendations to your environment. Recommendations can flow in real-time. Profile updates are handled either scheduled or real-time depending on load.

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Sannsyn recommender provides state of the art recommendations. It is reached from a simple Rest- or ...

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The recommender is written for speed and robustness.

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Semantic analysis

Sannsyn utilizes a blend of home grown and state of the art open source semantical.

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Sannsyn provides a rich set of customizable dashboards and control panels.

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Management Team

Our focus is to build a strong team capable of innovating in a complex and highly specialized domain. To achieve this, we need data scientists, mathematicians, UX/UI specialists and developers that can really leverage their knowledge base and creativity. We encourage people with special interests in different computer languages and sciences, always looking for the right tool for new solutions.