About us

Sannsyn is a team that is dedicated to the domain of real time analytics, recommendation and omnichannel personalization. This is a domain mixing advanced statistics and algorithms, machine learning languages, marketing and business understanding. Our focus is to establish a special team and be amongst the leaders in the machine learning community in the Nordics and our aim is to deliver a market leading SaaS platform.

The company grew out the experience from developing an advanced enterprise ID and payment solution for digital content at Gyldendal ASA. Controlling access of more than 50 digital sites with more than 500.000 registered users and a turnover in excess of NOK 450 mill per year.

A key learning here was that there was a lot of data going through the system, and there was a lot of signal in the noise. That signal could be used to create real business value and greate conversion if one could handle

  • the analysis complexity
  • high load
  • real time
  • easy integration

This was more than four years ago and we have already delivered on this. With our current team we are now focusing on constantly bringing new feature and innovation to the platform in order to provide our clients with competitive advantage.

Join us

Digital technology is changing businesses and industries in an unprecedented tempo and scale. Sannsyn is building a team that aims to be in the center of these changes. Sannsyn always looks for the right candidates to join us. Check out our Core team and see if you recognise yourself? Do not hesitate to contact us at post(at)sannsyn.com.