Increasing revenues at De norske Bokklubbene

De norske Bokklubbene runs two of Norways biggest online bookstores, and The stores are available both on the web and in apps. The solution runs on a rich platform developed and maintained by the company´s own development team.


Customer surveys show that finding what you need, even when you dont know exactly what you need, is directly related to conversion. De norske Bokklubbene stocks more than seven million unique items, and wanted to utilize their customer knowledge to help them find their way, both in the frequently bought items and in the long tail.  Sannsyn consultants were hired to build a recommendation engine to fulfill their requirements.


De norske Bokklubbene now expose automated personalized recommendations on several surfaces, on the front page, on email receipts, on customer pages and in the checkout process.  Also the search, and its auto complete function is augmented by data from the recommender system.  The goal is to use all collected information on every step of customer interaction.

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