We will work with you to identify data sources and develop the architecture to get the most out of your data.

Data sources are constantly evolving and in order to succeed in today’s digital economy you need to understand what data you currently have access to, what data do you have available to aggregate that you are not currently utilizing, and how you can mine supplemental sources for data to provide meaningful insight into your business. 

Once these sources have been identified, businesses must consider in what ways will these data need to be accessed both internally and by users. Ensuring that you have an environment that allows for ingestion and serving of data is essential and often times the same data needs to be accessed simultaneously by different endpoints. We will partner with you to develop a robust data strategy that will form the basis of your business and to create scalable platform to service AI and machines learning models, personalization engines, analytics platforms, and mobile/web applications. Sannsyn has over a decade of experience mining, managing, and quantifying data.