It is imperative to have accessible and clear visualizations to convey the results of any data project.

The most sophisticated algorithm or ground breaking data insights are meaningless if not conveyed to management or stakeholders in a digestible fashion. Data science is undoubtedly complicated and not everyone can understand these deep technical concepts that are filled with buzzwords. Sannsyn is a global leader in producing visualizations and reports that are accessible to audiences of any background. We have created custom reports that have been used to convey results to C-level management, investors, technical and non-technical audiences. Sannsyn also has created developed and deployed custom dashboarding solutions used by industry leading global corporations.

A successful machine learning pipeline is useless without the ability to present results, and more importantly business outcomes, to executive teams. With over a decade of experience in both academia and industry we are able to translate your data and models into digestible presentations that highlights ROI. Our custom dynamic dashboards allow clients to create reports, visualize business impact, and view advanced analytics that can be integrated with any web-app. 

Our visualizations and reports are rooted in strong UI/UX design fundamentals. We work with our clients on an individualized basis to identify and build stunning visualizations to convey results. Sannsyn has experience using the latest in visualization technologies including D3.js, Plotly, Power BI, and Tableau.  Whether you are looking for publishable quality figures to use in a report or a custom interactive platform to investigate your own data, our visualization experts provide you with the tools to serve both as a visualization platform and sandbox, where clients can dynamically interact with their data in order to propel data driven decisions.