Sannsyn builds and implements scalable modern architectures to your analytics pipeline.

Using the latest big data frameworks and servicing technologies we develop the infrastructure to ensure that your data is stored and accessible in a secure environment. Using both SQL and NoSQL frameworks, along with the latest cloud computing platforms, allows us to optimize and manage your data structures to drive advanced analytics and machine learning production environments.

In today’s digital economy, data is being ingested and served at an unprecedented rate. It is imperative that companies have a scalable and reliable infrastructure to manage, clean, consume, and serve their data in a robust fashion. At Sannsyn we create infrastructure to support and manage data of all sizes. Our solutions focus on specific business goals and outcomes, where we believe that business practices should drive the infrastructure and not the other way around. Data engineering is saturated with trending buzzwords and it is important you use a data professional who understands what differentiates specific solutions, technologies, and cloud providers in order to create a robust ecosystem that can support the entire spectrum of data projects and pipelines.

Typically all data engineering projects require the implementation of  ETL (extract, transform, load) pipelines, warehousing and storing, and building endpoints to serve cleaned and aggregated data. Sannsyn has experience working across multitude of providers (AWS, Google, Azure), microservices (Apache Spark, Kafka, Solr), database technologies (Cassandra, SQL, No-SQL, DataLakes, ElasticSearch) and backend languages (python, scala, java) to create the infrastructure to manage and support data of all sizes. Our platforms are ecosystem agnostic and are able to support ingestion and serving to web and mobile applications independent of the tech stack used to develop the app.