Machine learning is the cornerstone of modern business practices.

Using the latest deep learning frameworks (PyTorch, Tensorflow, SKLearn), we specialize in developing advanced machine learning products to reveal hidden insights in your data, optimize business practices, and serve the basis of success MVP.

Machine learning is a catchall term that encompasses deep learning, artificial intelligence, and computational methods in statistics and data science. When working with clients, it is our goal to not only provide them with a successful product but also give them a conceptual understanding of each of these segments to increase literacy in today’s digital economy. Sannsyn is a global expert in machine learning and our solutions are specifically tailored to our clients needs. You are the expert in your domain and any machine learning solution should reflect that expertise. We partner our clients to develop and deploy novel algorithms that are more than just black boxes. 

Our machine learning solutions provide a platform for personalization engines, recommendation systems, and robust artificial intelligence algorithms. Sannsyn has experience in developing high performance models for applications in computer vision, natural language processing, text extraction, marketing, and time series forecasting. Our algorithms are not limited to neural network architectures, rather our specialists have experience creating pipelines that incorporate both traditional statistical methods and deep learning in order to provide robust models that are validated and backtested with corresponding uncertainties estimates and quantification.