In today’s ever growing digital society, consumers are relying more and more on personalized technologies.

Whether it is through product recommendations (Ebay and Amazon), on demand viewing (Netflix and Youtube), or individualized medicine the need to understand and cater to your customer base is constantly increasing. At Sannsyn, we apply the latest advances in reinforcement and deep learning to develop custom personalization engines for our clients.

Sannsyn’s personalization engines leverage data from all aspects from our client’s businesses including purchase history, online impressions and clicks, feedback, and user behavior; in order to robustly quantify the dynamics that govern consumer-producer interactions.

Personalization is no longer a static topic. Consumers evolve in their purchase trends over time and it is important to capture that behavior. Leveraging reinforcement learning and consumer feedback our personalization engines can improve over time as your consumers diversify, allowing our clients to have a competitive edge by understanding their customer in near real time.

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