Today’s web and e-commerce platforms are heavily dependent on user search.

It is essential to have a platform to support robust searching and querying.

It is important that the returned results are both semantically and contextually similar to the query. Often times out of the box search solutions yield poor results that will not only decrease conversion but will also reflect poorly on the totality of your e-commerce site. Sannsyn specializes in implementing custom search solutions, based on the latest advancements in NLP, that are able to detect co-similarities between products and their descriptions along with boosting and weighting based on popularity or rating.

Traditional search solutions can greatly impact revenue streams. For example, most out of the box solutions are query based meaning no results will be returned in the case of mis-spellings or will only group items by a given keyword. Our solutions, instead, are driven by computational linguistics that allow for mis-spellings, synonyms, title and description weighting, and lay the foundation for personalization engines.

In addition to custom personalization engines, we offer an easy to use platform called TellUsR that is webapp agonistic, meaning that your data can be easily adapted into any e-commerce platform without significant engineering through an easy to use API to create on demand search results. For more information please read about our Solr plugin TellUsR.