Get started with our API’s or Plug-in’s

To get started with Sannsyn is easy. You can choose to use our general API or download one of our dedicated platform plug-in’s below.

Integrated towards a website our service provides an excellent personalization engine with recommendations.

Integrated with your complete digital eco-system, we provide a powerful DMP that fuels your customer dialogues across channels like web, app, e-mail, support, programmatic marketing and more.

Sannsyn EPIserver Commerce Plug-in

Sannsyn's Episerver Commerce plugin enables you to get started with recommendations on your site in less than a day. Read more about the out of the box functionality and how to get started.

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Sannsyn Magento integration

Integrate Magento through the Sannsyn Recommender API The API gives you as a Magento developer full access and control of all functionality within the Sannsyn Personalisation Engine. Use it to perso...

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