Sannsyn in Boston, US

Sannsyn provides large and medium-sized companies with insights, relevance and automations.

Sannsyn creates value for our customers by combining big data, data science, algorithms and neural network (often referred to as “artificial intelligence”):

Sannsyns solutions are individualized to every single customer. On some projects Sannsyn work only on a consultancy basis, while in other projects we mostly use our own template-based solutions, frameworks and products. Our portfolio includes:

  • Big data cloud architecture
  • Data mining & crawling
  • Big Data strategies
  • Semantics & text mining
  • Insights, Analytics & Predictions
  • Search engine tuning & improvements
  • Data visualization & reports
  • Data lakes
  • Recommendations and personalized marketing

We have offices in Boston (US), Oslo (Norway), Riga (Latvia) and Dhaka (Bangladesh). Our headquarter is located in Oslo.

Largest shareholder is the Norwegian IT-company Pearl Group AS.

Here are some of our customers:

Do you want to know more about Sannsyn and how we use big data, data science, algorithms and neural network to create magic? Schedule a meeting with our US office:

Russel Wilcox
T: +1 508-648-8516

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