Sannsyn in Boston, US

Sannsyn is a global leader in developing custom use of big data, data science, and deep learning. We partner with clients to create big data and artificial intelligence platforms that are guaranteed to give you a competitive edge.

Sannsyn combines innovative technologies such as machine learning and Natural Language Processing with advanced big data analytics and engineering to allow businesses of all sizes to harness their data in order to provide robust, meaningful insights into their customers and business practices.

Here are some of our clients:

Sannsyns solutions are individualized to every single customer. On some projects Sannsyn work only on a consultancy basis, while in other projects we mostly use our own template-based solutions, frameworks and products. Our portfolio includes:

  • Big data cloud architecture
  • Data mining & crawling
  • Big Data strategies
  • Semantics & text mining
  • Insights, Analytics & Predictions
  • Search engine tuning & improvements
  • Data visualization & reports
  • Data lakes
  • Recommendations and personalized marketing

We have offices in Boston (US), Oslo (Norway), Riga (Latvia) and Dhaka (Bangladesh). Our headquarter is located in Oslo.

Do you want to know more about Sannsyn and how we use big data, data science, algorithms and neural network to create magic? Schedule a meeting with our US office:

Russel Wilcox
T: +1 508-648-8516