Sannsyn allows you to create a competitive advantage by using your own data. At Sannsyn, we develop technology platforms that allow businesses of all sizes to manage and harness the power of modern data practices.

We are global leaders in Data Engineering, Data Science, and Deep Learning and have deployed products across all major verticals that have allowed our clients to greatly optimize internal business practices and gain robust insight into their consumers resulting in a strong return on investment. We work with clients along all paths of the data process including architecture & engineering, analytics & data science, and artificial intelligence.

Sannsyn specializes in creating scalable data ingestion and storage platforms which provide the foundation for all data projects. Our technologies are designed to withstand very high loads and undergo a rigorous validation process to ensure success across all endpoints of the data pipeline. We are data engineering specialists with experience across all major cloud ecosystems including AWS, GoogleBigQuery, and Azure along with implementing microservices such as Spark and Kafka to aggregate data across HDFS and NoSQL databases.

Utilizing the latest advances in data science, Sannsyn has created novel algorithms and methodologies to extract insights from data of all sizes and structures. We develop robust recommendation and personalization engines used by some of the worlds largest retailers. In addition, we have over a decade of experience implementing traditional statistical experimental design and data analytics to produce real time reports and dashboarding products that allow our clients to have access to insights on demand.

AI is becoming ever increasing in today’s digital economy. At Sannsyn, we have developed AI platforms that have been utilized across all major industries and have the experience to guide our clients in this new branch of the economy. We have experience in computer vision, natural language process, and deep learning allowing us to develop bleeding edge products that will transform your business into a 21st century enterprise. Some of our AI products have included generative models for financial forecasting, image and sound denoising, real time sentiment classifiers, and recommendation and personalization engines built on NLP.

Our technology and expertise is platform agnostic, meaning we create solutions that will work with an tech stack! It is our mission not only to create a successful product launch for our clients but help our partners become more data-literate in today’s ever expanding digital economy. At Sannsyn we will not inundate you with buzzwords or tech jargon, but partner with you to develop data platforms that are driven by business goals and not buzzwords.